Rules and FAQ

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Feb 6, 2024
Welcome to Elysian Fields!

This is a forum for discussing the Whitepill worldview and Whitepill-related/adjacent topics. Please note that this is a male-only community and females are prohibited from registering.


Content and Behavior

Do not:
  • Repeatedly attack, persecute, harass other users, or create threads or posts doing so.
  • Participate in trolling, baiting, raiding and other malicious behavior.
  • Post private PMs or information of other users.
  • Dox or threaten to dox someone, including individuals and groups both inside and outside of this community.
  • Spam
  • Racebait
  • Impersonate
  • Advertise (without permission)
  • Post LGBTQ content
  • Post illegal content or incite anyone to commit illegal acts of any kind (If in doubt, don't post).
  • Create more than one (1) account or share your account.
  • Post on behalf of banned users.
This is an SFW (Safe for Work) forum. Refrain from posting pornographic material or content containing gore.


What is the Whitepill?

The Whitepill is a worldview which was first introduced by Serge in 2017. It is based around the acceptance of one's circumstances and prescribes behavior for an individual to pursue self-fulfillment and maximise happiness in their life. It is an extension of the previous Blackpill worldview.

Why create this forum?

While there are many other forums out there which discuss the Blackpill and inceldom, there are no other notable forums which are dedicated to discussing the Whitepill and related topics.

What is the purpose of the discussion boards?

The topics of the discussion boards are geared towards helping facilitate the Whitepill ideals of individual self-fulfillment and self-development. As each individual has their own different goals and aspirations, registered users can create and participate in discussions pertaining to the relevant topics which suit their own needs and purposes.
Not open for further replies.