Theory Tabula Rasa's Introduction to the Whitepill

Feb 6, 2024

Blackpill was never the final destination

What one may not realise is that the Blackpill is only a stop along the way, rather than the end destination which some would make their hill to die upon.

Whitepill was always the natural extension following the Blackpill, Whitepill being a higher form of the latter, and subsuming and negating it. Instead of dwelling and being continually consumed by the Blackpill, one must move past it and should aspire to become a fully embodied Whitepilled individual.

It's more easier to say you're Blackpilled rather than Whitepilled

In order to be a 'Blackpiller', one only needs to affirm the too oft-repeated axioms of the Blackpill and circlejerk with others online regarding the same repeated topics over and over again. Conversely to assert that one is a Whitepiller, their authenticity would need to be substantiated through accounts of their personal lived experience and testimony. It is why I cannot call myself a Whitepiller and refer to myself as a 'student of the Whitepill' despite making threads about the Whitepill and having a Whitepill mentality, because I do not have the necessary experience and journey of self development and self actualisation.

No Whitepiller's journey is ever the same

The paths that Whitepillers can take on their journey to fulfillment and self actualisation are innumerable and unpredictable, their yearnings and aspirations varying according to their own circumstances and temperaments. Whether it be seeking enlightenment through religious and spiritual pursuits, a hunger for travel and adventure, or the mastery of a specific art or skill, the value is found in each Whitepiller's experience being unique and personal.

Self Development over Self Improvement

The notion of self improvement is one that is flawed and unnatural. The reason that self improvement is largely ineffectual is based on the flawed premise of 'improving' in order to chase some undefined incorporeal goal, running after fool's gold, thinking that you would be complete and fulfilled by attaining these things. Whitepilled self development differs not by focusing on material conditions and external praise and status from others, but by finding inward purpose for the reason that you do the things you are doing.

A Whitepiller aims to seek a higher state on a journey of self actualisation, finding fulfillment in the things that mean the most to them. Day by day, they pursue in becoming a better person, whether in regards to their own principles and moral compass, their repertoire of skills, spiritual development or any other aspects. Thus, the two differ where one directs their attention outwardly to material desires while the other focuses on cultivating the inner self.